Let’s go to the Langhe?

Directed towards Turin, turn right, get out of the motorway towards Cuneo, we move away from the city, and the landscape changes. I was expecting to meet smooth hills, but maybe that is Tuscany, a different story, these hill are shier, they don’t show their beauty straight away, they keep it hidden for who knows how to look for it.

We get to B&B All’Ombra del Castello in Cigliè, a small village near Mondovi, a simple place fostered by its owner’s strong passion, lovely view and good breakfast.

We wander around Mondovi and sit down for an aperitivo by the historical square. Later, thanks to the owner of the B&B in Cigliè, we have dinner at the Trattoria Croce d’Oro.

In this very typical place we meet Him, the perfect host, in a rustic restaurant with formidable cuisine, fassona meat tartare melting like butter in your mouth. Beyond the amazing quality of food and wine, it’s literally the host making the difference. A great option to spend the night for a romantic dinner or to dine with a group, drinking superb wines and eating classic plates from Piedmont, with amazing price/quality ratio.

The next morning it was a beautiful sunny day and we went to Barolo ignoring that open cellars plus great weather meant crowds and no availability: “all full, sorry”.

Barolo is a tiny village with a central castle overlooking the surroundings, where you can visit the interesting and avant-garde Wine Museum. If you plan your trip there, book in advance and you won’t be in our same situation, especially for wine tasting that is the point of going there. Piedmont’s food is totally worth trying, the wines are totally worth being lived through.

Beyond these basic and already known reasons to visit the Langhe, we suggest taking a stroll in the vineyards. It’s an evocative landscape, able to tell the vineyards’ history with the passing of seasons, the fascinating ability to follow the hilly ground, the intriguing uniformity of these plants, as fragile as precious, taken care of by the wisdom of expert hands.

On our third day, we stopped briefly in Alba, homeland to the Truffle Fair, a very touristy destination, and maybe the charm of the Langhe here had already vanished.




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