Driving from Porto to Lisbon, through Obidos and Cabo da Roca

On the road from Porto through the picturesque village of Obidos, magnificent views at Cabo da Roca, and arriving in Lisbon.

Directed towards Cabo da Roca, we decided to stop for lunch in lovely Obidos. From Porto to Cabo da Roca it takes about 5 hours driving.


This village is a little gem and property of the Queens of Portugal for centuries: you can tell why as soon as you set foot in it. It’s very photogenic. It’s possible to visit the village in couple of hours walking on top of the medieval wall, strolling around its pretty roads constellated by white houses and colourful Bougainvillea, sipping the typical cherry liquor called ginjinha.

Ginjinha is good. Be careful, in the summer heat you might end up going ‘ginjinha, ginjinha, ginjinhaaaa’. No personal references here of course.

Continuing the road trip, we take the more coastal road to explore a bit and see the ocean. We pass by Ericeira, which is a popular surfers town and way traffic congested. Besides, landscape-wise it isn’t that interesting since there are many buildings nearby the beach. If you don’t want to lose time take the motorway and avoid the coast, it’ll be faster.


We finally make it to Cabo da Roca, the most Westerner strip of land in the European continent and home to the Cabo da Roca lighthouse. The landscape is break-taking, the coast stands out on the massive ocean where the wind blows unrelentingly day and night.

Not far from here it’s possible to reach two different beaches on foot. The first one, Praia da Aroeira, is secluded, wild, made of big rocks and angry waves. Trekking there takes about 1 hour and requires trekking shoes as it’s not an easy path, especially going down the steep hill.

The second beach is Praia da Ursa, one of the most suggestive of Portugal, with a beautiful sandy beach looking at massive rock formations shaped like pointy triangles, and suggestive sunsets. It takes about half an hour to reach Ursa on foot, with a more accessible path in comparison to Praia Areoira.

In the village of Colares, where we stayed, there is a Sunday market selling fruits, vegetables and local produce. For the daily shopping ask for a mini market in the area, you’ll be surprised by the variety of products here. In the evening we enjoyed tasting typical plates of food at Refugio da Roca.

Not far from Colares, within Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, dwells Sintra Castle, Palácio da Pena, UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s worth visiting, but in high season, a bit overrated we think. In the evening we pay a visit to the touristy town of Cascais, which has many culinary options and entertainments. All in all, we love it just fine in tiny Colares with a view of the ocean from the apartment, beautiful sunsets and lots of peace and quietness to rest and catch up on reading.


Lisbon is undoubtedly a city with incredible charm. We stayed in an apartment in the Moorish district of Alfama and we simply fell in love with it. Spending two nights in Lisbon is not enough to visit it, so we decided to enjoy it in freedom allowing some time for shopping. In Alfama we recommend Giallo, for great gourmet ice-cream near the Fado Museum, and between the myriad of typical restaurants, Santo António de Alfama, which is a bit of an institution.




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