Getting together in Santiago de Compostela

Even though Santiago de Compostela is traditionally the last stop of the ancient Way of St. James, for us, it was the perfect place to start from.

Luca was at the end of his Camino del Norte (Northern Way), and I was going to meet him there to start our first trip together: from Santiago to Lisbon. When you recently met, 10 days apart can seem endless.

Santiago is a small town where everything – or almost – is within reach. Here you can start letting go, soaking up the fervent energy that this city emanates at every corner. In fact, people arrive to Santiago after strenuous journeys to come to peace with themselves, and the rest of the world.

The Cathedral is, without a doubt, the focal point of Santiago. Most guesthouses are situated within 10 minutes walking distance. Finding accommodation during high season can be tricky, so best to book in advance.

Visiting the Cathedral is a must-do, both for its ancient past and for the unique spirituality that it carries. It’s one of most important sacred destinations of Christianity since the Middle Ages, and indeed a very charming historical place

On the first day in Santiago we enjoyed walking around its narrow alleyways, wandering around Parque de la Mesa and Parque de Belvìs. We tasted food, peered at people while sitting in Praza da Quintana, listened to live music in the street at night.

Food wise, pulpo a la gallega (Galician Octopus) was a bit of a let down, maybe we have only been unlucky…! For this reason we suggest you to have it closer to the sea. If you fancy great quality jamon serrano, go to Rua de Caldeireia and you’ll find a jamon shop that sells amazing sandwiches melting in your mouth.

On our second day in Santiago we decided to take a day trip to Finisterre, literally ‘the end of the earth’, a very popular destination for pilgrims after arriving in Santiago. By bus it takes 2 hours each way.

After getting off the bus and grabbing a coffee in the nearest cafe, we follow a footpath of approximately 40 mins, and reach the lighthouse placed on a scenic promontory, standing above the massive ocean. You can sit here, relax, and peer over the horizon literally for hours.

The following day we are ready for our next destination: Oporto, we are coming!



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